Stream Bay

Stream Bay

StreamBay is the easiest way for creators and musicians to distribute music onto 40+ music platforms in one go and in all territories across the globe.
A state of the art technology platform which makes publishing and monetizing music content extremely easy

STEP 1 Upload Your Music

Create and upload either a single or a track under an album. No restriction to the number of tracks uploaded. Simple metadata insertion forms

STEP 2 Distribute Globally

Choose the platforms on which you want to make your tracks available. You can also time your release. We will also provide you with pre-save links so that your fans can save it

STEP 3 Track Your Release

We collect data from multiple platforms and turn it into beautiful visuals and meaningful insights that help the musicians make informed decisions

STEP 4 Paid On Time

Every month you get your revenue reports consolidated across platforms on which you have published your albums and tracks. Get paid immediately as per the agreed revenue share

We have BUILT, SET-UP, LAUNCHED Record Labels from scratch to DIGITAL MUSIC POWERHOUSES Churning dynamic music today!

Records we have built